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Join Team Carter in raising funds to help kids like Carter who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis!

This will be my fourth consecutive year riding in the California Coast Classic to raise much-needed funds for research, family outreach, and even for sending kids with RA to a special summer camp just for them at no cost! Please help me and my team continue to ride for a cure. We need your help. Thank you!

About Team Carter:
Our team's namesake, 5 year old Carter has juvenile arthritis. As Carter is the face behind our team, we train, fundraise and ride in his honor and in the honor of every child and adult who suffers with arthritis. Our hope is to make a difference and to help find a cure for this disease one day soon so Carter and every child and adult with arthritis can one day live a normal pain-free life.

Five year old Carter is a shining force, radiating happiness and hope which he shares with everyone who touches his life.
Fascinated by superheroes, Carter is definitely his own superhero. Its hard to believe that he has lived with pain and constant medical attention from Juvenile Ankylosing Spondylitis which was diagnosed on January 6, 2014. Carter manifested symptoms of the disease in July 2013 which began with bouts of unexplained pain; now, while knowing the underlying cause brings its own relief, faced with a life-long disease for someone so young is a big task for a little guy and his family. Yet, Carter has retained his silly personality and big heart. His curious nature drives him to constantly seek knowledge and store it in his amazing memory.
Carter can be summed up through his favorite Bible verse: I can go through all things through Christ that gives me strength.

The goal of Team Carter is to raise donations for better treatments, to raise awareness about the disease and to help find a cure.

This year is my first year riding with another form of arthritis - osteoarthritis which affects older people. It's in my neck and it hurts a lot. Please donate and wish me luck, because this will probably be my last year riding a multi-day ride like this. All forms of arthritis suck because they limit one's ability to live a normal life.

Thank you for helping!
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