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Join me in my efforts to support Arthritis Foundation, Pacific Region!

Itís been a full year since Iíve been able to ride my bike after my fall down our stairs last August, and I must say I miss the feel of the road under my wheels. Iím happy to be doing well, although Iím not in all my high heel shoes and definitely not going back on the bike, not because I canít but more because Iím afraid of another bad fall. I was told my bones are like crushable eggshell if hit with a hammer, so cycling for me these days is strictly indoors, nowhere near as challenging or as much fun as on the road. Still, I consider myself fortunate because I donít have Arthritis like Stan and so many of our friends.

This September Iíll join all the cyclists going down the California coast as part of the California Coast Classic, but this time it will be in my car as a volunteer helper. Iíll be driving the route back and forth every day, with snacks, water, a bike rack, and a lift up a hill for all who are fatigued. After our heavy rains this past winter, part of the coastal road around Big Sur is not navigable, so weíll have to go inland and take a steeper route. Everyone is training hard for this. Iíll be cheering them on.

You can do your part by cheering us all on with a generous donation to the Arthritis Foundation. We need your help as much as ever. Did you know there are 50 million adults in the United States with some form of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, osteoarthritis, or fibromyalgia, as well as 300,000 children with JRA? Imagine what life would be like if you couldnít perform basic tasks like walking the dog, working, going to school, exercising or enjoying sport activities, cooking, bathing, dressing, and keeping house.

The Arthritis Foundation devotes more than $11 million annually to research and sponsors programs that help people with arthritis cope with their disease. Your contribution will go a long way toward the discovery of new medications and treatments. All together we are making a huge impact that improves lives everywhere.

I thank you sincerely for all your previous support and ask you again for your help. Your tax-deductible gift is truly greatly appreciated!
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